EICAR test file for checking Kaspersky applications' behavior

Latest update: November 30, 2021 ID: 7399

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EICAR-Test-File is not a threat, it was created to imitate the detection of a threat by antivirus software. It is a 68-byte file with the .com extension which displays a text message.

Earlier, different files were created by cybersecurity software vendors to demonstrate how their solutions behave upon detection of a threat. Later, the vendors have agreed upon developing a standard simulator which consists of a simple line of text. This allows any user to initiate a detection manually, e.g. by copying the text to a file from the documentation. 

The resulting EICAR file looks like this:


Cybersecurity software normally detects it as EICAR-Test-File.

You can download the eicar test file as follows: 

  • The eicar.zip archive via HTTPS / HTTP from the Kaspersky server.
  • The eicar.com executable file via HTTPS from the official eicar.org website.

You can also copy this line of code and save it to a text file on your computer.

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