Base Filtering Engine not found


Base Filtering Engine not found

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Latest update: June 26, 2020 ID: 11099

The Base Filtering Engine is a service that controls Firewall and IPSec policies by filtering user modes.

The installation of a Kaspersky application may fail if the Base Filtering Engine is missing. To install your Kaspersky application successfully, check that the Base Filtering Engine service exists in your operating system.

The guide below is addressed to experienced users. Incorrectly made changes to the Base Filtering Engine can cause malfunction of the operating system.

How to check for the Base Filtering Engine and start it


Что делать, если при запуске службы базовой фильтрации возникает ошибка «Отказано в доступе»


What to do if the Base Filtering Engine is not in the list of services or fails to run

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