Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Editing the scan scope

April 25, 2024

ID 123515

The Scan scope is a list of paths to folders and paths that Kaspersky Endpoint Security scans when executing the task. Kaspersky Endpoint Security supports environment variables and the * and ? characters when entering a mask.

To edit the scan scope, we recommend using the Custom Scan task. Kaspersky experts recommend that you do not change the scan scope of the Full Scan and Critical Areas Scan tasks.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security has the following predefined objects as part of the scan scope:

  • My email.

    Files relevant to the Outlook mail client: data files (PST), offline data files (OST).

  • System memory.
  • Startup Objects.

    Memory occupied by processes and application executable files that are run at system startup.

  • Disk boot sectors.

    Hard disk and removable disk boot sectors.

  • System Backup.

    Contents of the System Volume Information folder.

  • All external devices.
  • All hard drives.
  • All network drives.

    We recommend creating a separate scan task for scanning network drives or shared folders. In the settings of the Malware Scan task, specify a user that has write access to this drive; this is necessary to mitigate detected threats. If the server where the network drive is located has its own security tools, do not run the scan task for that drive. In this way, you can avoid checking object twice and improve the performance of the server.

To exclude folders or files from the scan scope, add the folder or file to the trusted zone.

How to edit a scan scope in the Administration Console (MMC)

How to edit a scan scope in the Web Console and Cloud Console

How to edit a scan scope in the application interface

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