What to do with applications incompatible with Kaspersky Total Security 19

Latest update: May 28, 2019 ID: 14863

Kaspersky Total Security is incompatible with some other Kaspersky Lab applications and anti-virus solutions from other vendors. For the full list of incompatible applications, see this article.

  • If you have an incompatible application already installed on your PC, you can:
    • Remove the application.
    • Keep the application 
    • Disable the check for incompatible software before installation.
We recommend that you remove incompatible applications as using them alongside Kaspersky Total Security may cause errors to occur and the operating system to malfunction.
  • If you have a Kaspersky Lab application that is incompatible with Kaspersky Total Security installed on your PC, you must remove it. Two Kaspersky Lab applications cannot be installed together. If you want to keep the application that is currently installed, stop the installation of Kaspersky Total Security.

How to remove incompatible applications


How to keep incompatible applications


How to skip the incompatible software check


How to remove incompatible Kaspersky Lab applications

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