Install Kaspersky Password Manager extensions

By default, Kaspersky Password Manager installs extensions for all installed browsers during the initial setup of the application. When you install a new browser supported by Kaspersky Password Manager, the application prompts you to install the extension for the browser. You can also install browser extensions manually.

Install the Kaspersky Password Manager extension

Specifics about browser extensions

The extension for Internet Explorer is installed for all user accounts on a device. To stop using the extension, you can disable it for a user. This change doesn't affect other user accounts on the device. The extension can only be disabled in the browser settings window.

Kaspersky Password Manager can install extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Yandex.Browser if these browsers are installed on the computer. Before installing the extension for Firefox, you must open and close the browser.

Kaspersky Password Manager can install extensions for Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) and Microsoft Edge Legacy (old version). If you have both versions of the browser on your computer, Kaspersky Password Manager will choose the latest one (Chromium based) to install the extension.

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