About the Devices in my network component

Hackers could potentially capture your password or hack into your home network to take advantage of your Internet or steal your data. Kaspersky Security Cloud protects your wireline Ethernet networks and Wi-Fi networks against unauthorized connections.

When a device connects your network, Kaspersky Security Cloud displays a relevant notification and asks if you would like to view the devices connected to this network:

You can disable device control in your network at any time. Kaspersky Security Cloud stops displaying devices in this network and notifying you when new devices are connected to this network.

Even one unsecured device in the home network reduces protection of your other devices. You can use My Kaspersky to view which Kaspersky applications are installed on other devices that are connected to the same account on My Kaspersky. If you and your family members are using the application under the Family package, you will also be able to see which Kaspersky applications are installed on the devices of your family members. If necessary, you can go to My Kaspersky and install Kaspersky applications on your devices.

You can disable the Devices in my network component. When you disable the component, Kaspersky Security Cloud stops notifying you about connections to your network.

To learn other available security methods for connecting to Wi-Fi networks, visit the Technical Support website.

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