How to configure Kaspersky applications for compatibility with 1C software

Latest update: February 04, 2022 ID: 11683
The article refers to Kaspersky solutions for home and business.

The performance of 1C software may significantly decrease when Kaspersky software is running with protection enabled. Kaspersky software uses all available resources for scanning objects.  

To decrease the load, exclude the IC databases from the scan scope. Add 1C:Enterprise to the list of trusted applications and add the following masks and files to exclusions:

  • For 1C:Enterprise 7.7: *.md, *.dbf, and *.cdx. 
  • For 1C:Enterprise 8.0: 1Cv8*.1C? (1Cv8.1CD / 1Cv8tmp.1CD / 1Cv8.1CL / 1Cv8tmp.1CL), 1Cv8.pfl and 1Cv8.log.

Find the exclusion settings in the interface of Kaspersky solutions for home:

  1. Open the application settings and go to Protection settings.
  2. In the advanced settings section, click Threats and exclusions.

In the interface of Kaspersky solutions for business:

Exclusion settings in the interface of Kaspersky solutions for business

Kaspersky virus experts consider database and index files safe, so you can add these files to exclusions without any risks of exposing your computer to viruses.

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