How to collect network traffic logs with WireShark


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How to collect network traffic logs with WireShark

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Latest update: January 18, 2021 ID: 13130

To troubleshoot issues with your network connection, Kaspersky Technical Support may require the network traffic logs collected in the Wireshark application. To get the logs:

  1. Download and install the application from the WireShark website.
  2. Open the application and click The Capture options button in WireShark.

Wireshark main window

  1. Select the interface for log collection and click Start.

Selecting the interface for log collection in WireShark

  1. Reproduce the problem.
  2. Click The Stop capturing packets button in WireShark.

Disabling logging in WireShark

  1. Select File → Save As and save the logs in the default format.

Saving the WireShark logs

  1. Add the files to an archive. See this article for instructions.

The network traffic logs will be collected. Contact Kaspersky technical support by choosing the topic and filling out the form. Attach the archive with the logs to your request.

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