Error 2771 when installing a Kaspersky Lab application


Error 2771 when installing a Kaspersky Lab application

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2019 Jan 10 ID: 10924

In some cases you may encounter the error 2771 when installing a Kaspersky Lab application. The error indicates that the currently installed version of a Kaspersky Lab product should be removed manually. 

Removing an application with a standard Windows tool

  1. Run the Uninstall wizard. See the detailed guide in this article

Removing an application with the kavremover utility

If the error persists, try using the kavremover utility. Please note that the license info will be removed from your computer, so you will have activate the newer version of the product again.

If the solutions above did not help

If the issue persists, send the request with a detailed description of the issue to technical support: 

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