Kaspersky VPN Secure Connectiоn for Windows

Data provision during application activation

October 2, 2023

ID 187589

In order to fulfill the Rightholder's and/or its Partners' obligations towards the user to activate the purchased license, to activate the application being used, the Rightholder needs to receive and process the information described below. Such information may be considered personal according to the applicable legislation of certain countries.

When activating, the following information will be provided and processed in the Rightholder's service:

  • Authorization token.
  • Activation code.
  • MD5 checksum of the serial number of the hard drive, motherboard and Machine SID.
  • Unique ID of the user.

Data processing and protection

The Rightholder processes the data received from the End User under this Statement according to the Rightholder's Privacy Policy published at: www.kaspersky.com/Products-and-Services-Privacy-Policy.

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