Statement regarding data processing when contacting technical support\customer service ("Support Statement")

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All terms used in this Support Statement have the same meaning defined in the End User License Agreement (EULA) under the clause ''Definitions''.

Please carefully read the terms of this Support Statement, as well as all documents referred to in this Support Statement, before accepting it. If the Software is used within a legal entity or on a Computer used by several individuals, You must ensure that they have understood and accepted the conditions of this Support Statement before data is provided.

Data Protection and Processing

Technical Support\Customer Service is provided in accordance with the rules located at:

The Rightholder handles the data it receives from the End User under this Support Statement in accordance with the Rightholder’s Privacy Policy published at:

Purposes of Data Processing

If a technical problem occurs during the use of the Software, You may prepare and send files with diagnostic information under this Support Statement to the Rightholder’s Technical Support\Customer Service in order for Technical Support\Customer Service to process Your request. The files You send will only be used to help You resolve the technical problem.

Preparing and Providing Files with Diagnostic Information

Files with diagnostic information should be prepared in accordance with the instructions in the User Manual and only under the guidance of and after receiving instructions to do so from a Technical Support\Customer Service specialist. After the diagnostic information is prepared, it will be saved on Your Computer. The files with diagnostic information are not sent to the Rightholder automatically. While the files with diagnostic information are stored on Your Computer, You are responsible for monitoring and limiting access to them.

You may open the files with diagnostic information and view their contents before You make the decision to send them to the Rightholder.

With Your consent, the files with diagnostic information will be transmitted to the Rightholder. The transmission is performed using a secure channel.

Processed Data

Certain data in the files with diagnostic information may be considered personal data according to laws of some countries. Depending on Your Software settings, the files may contain the following data:

- Operating system information:

The files contain information about Your Computer hardware and the state of the operating system: operating system and service packs installed, kernel objects, drivers, services, extensions of the browsers, printing extensions, Windows Explorer extensions, downloaded program files, active setup elements, control panel applets, hosts file and registry records, version of browsers and email clients, information about open ports and established connections at the time the data was prepared.

- Trace files:

  • Information about the status of Your Computer's antivirus protection and about any objects or activities suspected of being malware (e.g., name of the detected object, date/time of detection, names/paths and size of infected files, part or checksum of an IP address and port of a network attack, malware activity and potentially malicious URLs) and application’s and user’s decisions about them.
  • Information about the applications downloaded by the End User: URL, attributes, file size, information about the process that initiated the download.
  • Information about the applications and their modules run by the End User: size, attributes, date created, information about PE headers, region, name, location, and compression utilities used, hash sums and information about the signature.
  • Information about errors and use of the user interface of the Rightholder’s Software installed on Your Computer.
  • Information about network connections: IP address of the remote computer and the Computer, connection port numbers, and network protocol.
  • Information about sent and received email messages and IM messages.
  • Information about URLs visited: login and password data, cookie files.
  • Public certificate of the server.

- Memory dump files:

The contents of memory used by the Software processes at the time the files are generated.

- Other files:

In addition to the information above, in order to increase the processing speed of the request associated with the technical problems, You may need to provide Technical Support\Customer Service with additional files upon request by a Technical Support\Customer Service specialist. These files may contain information which is necessary for Software operation: settings, reports, internal databases, configuration files. You may receive detailed information about the data in these files from Technical Support\Customer Service specialists.

Your Choice to Participate

Saving files with diagnostic information is disabled in the Software settings by default and can only be enabled by You. It is entirely Your choice to send data to the Rightholder under this Support Statement.

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