Activation code corresponds to another application


Activation code corresponds to another application

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2018 Aug 31 ID: 12018

You may encounter the notification "Activation code corresponds to another application" when you activate a Kaspersky Lab product. 

This happens in the following cases:

1. The product in the Corresponding application line is the one you are intending to use.

If the product in the Corresponding application line is the one you have bought and intend to use, click Continue. The application will be installed on your computer and activated with the code you have entered.

2. You are activating the product you are intending to use with the code for a different product.

Each activation code is issued for a specific product. You can either install the product for which the code is intended or buy the code for the product you would like to use. Learn how to migrate to a different Kaspersky Lab product

Important: even if you see this notification, the license has come into effect. The license term has started.

3. You have installed the product which corresponds to the license you purchased, but the name in the Corresponding application line is different.

Make sure you have bought the product you intended to use. Compare the product name at the top of the main window with the product name on the box or in the message from the online store where your have bought your Kaspersky Lab product. If the product name does not correspond to the name in the Corresponding application line, please contact the seller.

If you have bought the code in the Kaspersky Lab official online store, contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support. You can do this by submitting a request in the My Kaspersky portal. In your request, provide the following information:

For instructions on using My Kaspersky, see the FAQ page.

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