Activation code corresponds to another application


Activation code corresponds to another application

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Latest update: July 26, 2019 ID: 12018

When activating a Kaspersky Lab application, you may get the error "Activation code corresponds to another application".

Image: Image: Settings window in Kaspersky Lab products


The entered activation code is obsolete or intended for another application. For example, you have Kaspersky Total Security installed, but you are trying to activate it with an activation code for Kaspersky Anti-Virus.


The activation code you entered has already been activated, and the countdown of the license term has started.
If the application in the Corresponding application line:
  • is the one you have bought and intend to use, click Continue. The application will be installed on your computer and activated with the code you have entered.
  • is not the one you have bought and intend to use, buy another key, now for for the needed app. Learn more about changing one Kaspersky Lab product for another.
  • does not correspond to application you have installed and the code you have bought, contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support. You can do this by submitting a request through My Kaspersky. In your request, provide a detailed description of the issue as well as the following information:
    • Activation code of 20 symbols (four groups of five characters)
    • A screenshot of the main application window of the product you tried to activate.

    For instructions on using My Kaspersky, see Online Help.

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