Removal issues of some Kaspersky application versions

Latest update: May 20, 2022 ID: 12474

After the removal of Kaspersky applications from your computer, the file update_launcher.exe and the task Kaspersky_Upgrade_Launcher may remain in Task Scheduler.

The issue is present in all product versions:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Total Security

If necessary, delete the files manually. They are located in the following folders: 

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\AV\Kaspersky Lab
    where C stands for the system disk. In the folder, delete the file named update_launcher.exe
  • Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Task Scheduler 
    Click Task Scheduler Library and delete the file named Kaspersky_Upgrade_Launcher_{278ADC42-419D-4547-A6CA-5B74BE0AD901}
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