Kaspersky Security Center

Building a structure of administration groups and assigning distribution points

July 22, 2024

ID 155198

A structure of administration groups in Kaspersky Security Center performs the following functions:

  • Sets the scope of policies.

    There is an alternate way of applying relevant settings on devices, by using policy profiles. In this case, the scope of policies is set with tags, device locations in Active Directory organizational units, membership in Active Directory security groups, etc.

  • Sets the scope of group tasks.

    There is an approach to defining the scope of group tasks that is not based on a hierarchy of administration groups: use of tasks for device selections and tasks for specific devices.

  • Sets access rights to devices, virtual Administration Servers, and secondary Administration Servers.
  • Assigns distribution points.

When building the structure of administration groups, you must take into account the topology of the organization's network for the optimum assignment of distribution points. The optimum distribution of distribution points allows you to save traffic on the organization's network.

Depending on the organizational schema and network topology adopted by the MSP client, the following standard configurations can be applied to the structure of administration groups:

  • Single office
  • Multiple small detached offices

In this section

Standard MSP client configuration: Single office

Standard MSP client configuration: Multiple small remote offices

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