Kaspersky Security Center

Monitoring the deployment

July 15, 2024

ID 92471

To monitor the Kaspersky Security Center deployment and make sure that a security application and Network Agent are installed on managed devices, you have to check the traffic light in the Deployment section. This traffic light is located in the workspace of the Administration Server node in the main window of Administration Console. The traffic light reflects the current deployment status. The number of devices with Network Agent and security applications installed is displayed next to the traffic light. When any installation tasks are running, you can monitor their progress here. If any installation errors occur, the number of errors is displayed here. You can view the details of any error by clicking the link.

You can also use the deployment schema in the workspace of the Managed devices folder on the Groups tab. The chart reflects the deployment process, showing the number of devices without Network Agent, with Network Agent, or with Network Agent and a security application.

For more details on the progress of the deployment (or the operation of a specific installation task) open the results window of the relevant remote installation task: Right-click the task and select Results in the context menu. The window displays two lists: the upper one contains the task statuses on devices, while the lower one contains task events on the device that is currently selected in the upper list.

Information about deployment errors are added to the Kaspersky Event Log on Administration Server. Information about errors is also available through the corresponding event selection in the Administration Server node on the Events tab.

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