Kaspersky Security Center

The settings of Administration Server or the database are corrupted

July 15, 2024

ID 92443

If Administration Server is inoperable due to corrupted settings or database (e.g., after a power surge), you are recommended to use the following restoration scenario:

  1. Scan the file system on the damaged device.
  2. Uninstall the inoperable version of Administration Server.
  3. Reinstall Administration Server, using a DBMS of the same type and of the same (or later) version. You can install the same version of Server with the same (or later) patch, or a later version. After installation, do not perform the initial setup through the wizard.
  4. In the Start menu, run the utility klbackup and perform restoration.

It is prohibited to restore Administration Server in any way other than through the klbackup utility.

Any attempts to restore Administration Server through third-party software will inevitably lead to desynchronization of data on nodes of the distributed application Kaspersky Security Center and, consequently, to improper functioning of the application.

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