How to update the databases of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 on the computer without Internet connection?



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How to update the databases of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 on the computer without Internet connection?

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2012 Apr 28 ID: 6386

Warning Attention! The update method described below is auxiliary, not the basic one; use this method if the computer with installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 has no Internet connection. The described update method does not provide an instantaneous delivery of the released updates and consequently does not keep the application in the actual state. 

In order to update all necessary databases and application modules of Kaspersky Internet Security 20112 you can use a special update utility, which should be run manually from another computer or from a flash-carrier which is connected to the computer with the Internet connection. 

First time the utility is launched all databases and modules necessary for the application and released to the present moment are loaded into a special folder, which resides in the folder with the update utility. Due to a large size of updates the first start of the utility usually takes some time. With each next start only missing, i.e. recently released, databases and modules will be loaded into the folder. 

Information In May, 2011 the size of Kaspersky Internet Security databases takes about 526MB on the flash drive. Bear this information in mind, when selecting a flash drive to store the updates for the application. With the time the size of the updates is only going to increase. 

Brief instructions how to use the utility

  1. Save the folder with the utility on the flash-carrier, connect it to the computer with the Internet connection and run the utility (the Updater.bat file).
  2. Once the work of the utility is over, connect the flash-carrier to the computer (without the Internet connection) with the installed application Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and configure the application to update from a folder which contains the databases on the flash-carrier (the Updates folder).

In future regularly connect the same flash drive to any computer with the Internet connection and download new databases and update your Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 using the flash drive. 


Step-by-step instructions how to use the utility

Step 1. Download the required set of the update utility

Step 2. Unpack the downloaded set on another computer which is connected to the Internet or to a flash drive which is connected to the computer with the Internet connection.

Warning Pay attention, the full path to the folder with the update utility should contain only Latin symbols and should not contain space characters!

Step 3. The first launch of the utility will take some time, as all necessary databases/modules, released so far, are downloaded into the folder of the update utility (the approximate size of updates is about 526 MB). To reduce the size of the downloaded traffic you can copy the databases from the computer with the installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 into the folder of the update utility (THIS IS NOT OBLIGATORY).

For this before you start the utility the first time, perform the following:

  1. in the folder into which the utility has been unpacked, create the Temp folder;
  2. into the Temp folder copy the temporaryFolder folder from the computer on which Kaspersky Internet Security is installed.

Depending on the installed operating system, the temporaryFolder folder resides in the following path:

  • for Windows XPC:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP12\Data\Updater\Temporary Files\temporaryFolder
  • for Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP12\Data\Updater\Temporary Files

Step 4. If the error "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem" appears at first launch of the utility, you are required to download the archive of VCRT8 libraries and unpack it to the folder where the utility located. 

Step 5. From the unpacked folder run the file Updater.bat (double-click the file to run it). 

Step 6. Once the file is started, the following window appears on the screen: 

The window shows that the copying process has started (the path to the file Updater.exe, shown in the figure may vary from the path shown in the window on your computer).

Information If you connect to the Internet via a proxy-server, add the settings of your proxy-server to the kis_12.0.0.374.ini file. For this, perform the following actions: 

      1. In the folder with the utility find the file for_kis_12.0.0.374.ini and double-click it to open. 
      2. In the text find the Proxy Settings section and instead of the default settings enter settings of your proxy-server: 
        • Address (proxy_url); 
        • Port (proxy_port); 
        • User name (proxy_login); 
        • Password (proxy_pwd).

        • Save the file kis_12.0.0.374.ini and close it. 

Step 7. When the window disappears, in the folder of the update utility open the file iupdater.txt and make sure the file contains the following record (implying successful update):

The actual set of databases and modules is copied into the Updates subfolder of the KIS_12.0.0.374 folder, from which the file Updater.bat has been run. 

Configure updates of Kaspersky Internet Security from the Updates folder into which the updates were downloaded. For this, perform the following actions:
  1. open the main application window
  2. in the right upper corner of the main application window, click the Settings button
  3. in the upper left hand part of the Settings window, select Update
  4. in the right part of the Settings window, click the Settings button in the Update source tab
  5. in the Update settings window on the Source tab, click the Add button
  6. select the folder into which you have downloaded databases and modules using the update utility (subfolder Updates)
  7. click the OK button in the Select folder source window
  8. in the Update settings window on the Source tab, uncheck Kaspersky Lab update serevers
  9. click the OK button in the Update settings window
  10. click the OK button in the Settings window

Run update anti-virus databases and of the application modules

Additional information about the utility


  • If necessary download and unpack the archive of the VCRT8 library into the folder with the utility.
  • If you have any problems with the download of the databases/ modules, enable detailed report (trace) of the download process. 

For it open the file Updater.bat for editing and in the line add the command: 

-tf trace.txt

For example, 

Updater.exe -u -c -o for_kis_12.0.0.374.ini -tf trace.txt > report_kis12.txt 

Once the performed changes are saved, run the file Updater.bat and when the utility work is over and the error is reproduced, send the received trace log (the file trace.txt from the utility folder) to the Technical Support service via the My Kaspersky Account service. 

  • For the information in the report file report.txt to be ADDED (not overwritten) during the next launch of the utility, open the file Updater.bat for editing and in the line add the symbol >. 

For example, you had the line: 

Updater.exe -u -c -o for_kis_12.0.0.374.ini > report_kis2012.txt 

and it changed to: 

Updater.exe -u -c -o for_kis_12.0.0.374.ini >> report_kis2012.txt 

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