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How to start scan in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

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2013 Jun 17 ID: 9991

Scanning computer for viruses and vulnerabilities is one of the most important task in ensuring the computer's security. The virus scan detects the spreading of malicious code, which has not been detected by the malware protection for some reasons.

Kaspersky Lab's specialists distinguish the virus scan tasks:

  • Quick Scan. Virus scan of critical areas: folders containing operating system files and libraries.
  • Full Scan. The following objects are scanned by default:
    • System memory.
    • Programs loaded on startup.
    • System backup.
    • Email databases.
    • Hard drives.
    • Removable storage media and network drives.
  • Virus Scan allows scanning any object on your computer for viruses presence (file, folder, disk or removable device).

1. How to start scan from the main program window


2. How to start Quick Scan


3. How to view scan process and results


4. How to stop scan

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