About device protection on My Kaspersky

On My Kaspersky, you can remotely manage the security of some of your devices (including devices of users you have shared protection with). These devices are called "managed devices" on My Kaspersky.

For example, you can:

Remotely managing a device requires that it be connected to the Internet. The Kaspersky application must be running.

Device security is managed by sending task execution commands from the website to a managed device.

Take into consideration that all tasks will be executed in automatic mode even if interactive mode is turned on at the device. That means that all threats will be handled automatically according to the rules set on the device and without confirmation from the local user. In particular, all files identified as malware may be automatically deleted.

When commands are sent to offline devices, the task status changes to Planned. Information about commands and planned tasks is stored for 7 days. If the device does not connect to the Internet during this time, the commands are canceled.

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