What to do if the license for your Kaspersky application did not renew automatically

Latest update: November 19, 2021 ID: 14710


You purchased a license with the auto-renewal feature enabled, but it failed to renew automatically.


  1. It may take up to 24 hours between the payment and the renewal of the expiration date in the application window. If 24 hours haven’t passed since payment, try checking the status again later.
  2. Update the license status manually. See the guide below.
  3. If the status update did not help, manually enter the activation code from the email you received after purchasing your license. See the guide below.
  4. Check if the payment was completed correctly. Make sure the payment details are valid. If you bank card has expired, update the payment data using the guide below.

How to manually update the license status


How to renew the license for a Kaspersky application


What to do if your bank card has expired


What to do if the issue persists

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