"Activation code is invalid for this region" error

Latest update: July 22, 2022 ID: 10990


The error "Activation code is invalid for this region" occurs if you attempt to activate the application with an activation code that was intended for use in another country or region. For example, you may have gotten this error if you bought or downloaded Kaspersky Free in your home country and then tried to activate it while abroad.


To avoid this error, activate the application in the country you purchased it in.

This error can also occur if Secure Connection is enabled in Kaspersky Secure Connection. Disable Secure Connection and try to activate the application again.

What to do if the solution didn't help

Follow the instructions below if:

  • The error persists even though you activated the application in the same country where you purchased the code.
  • You cannot activate the application in the country where you purchased the code for some reason (e.g. due to move to another country).
Сontact Kaspersky technical support by choosing the topic of your request.

Please provide the following information in your request:

  • Region where you tried to activate the application
  • Activation time and date
  • Activation code of 20 symbols (four groups of five characters)
  • Detailed description of the issue
  • IP address of the computer on which the application is installed. To find out your IP address, you can use one of these services.  
  • Your Internet service provider
  • A screenshot of the main application window of the application you tried to activate. See this article for instructions.

Technical support is not provided for Kaspersky Free. Try looking up a solution for your problem on our Forum or create a new topic.

If you require full technical support, buy and install a supported solution for home.

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