Error “Your activation code is already saved in the application” or “Activation code is saved”


Error “Your activation code is already saved in the application” or “Activation code is saved”

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Latest update: February 22, 2022 ID: 13712


When entering the activation code, you may get the error message "Activation code is saved” or “Your activation code is already saved in the application”.  


If you have auto-renewal enabled, you do not need to enter the activation code when the license expires. The license term is updated automatically after the purchase of the renewal.

It may take up to 24 hours between the payment and the update of the expiration date in the application window.


If the license is used on multiple devices and the license term failed to update on some of them, use the guide below.

Try refreshing the license status: 

  1. Open the application and click License in the lower-right corner.

The main application window with the Licensing link highlighted.

  1. Click Update the status

The Licensing window with the update status icon

The new license term will be available.

If refreshing the status did not help, try deleting the license and then activating the application once again will the same activation code. See this article for instructions. 


What to do if the issue persists

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