Main reasons for errors delivering one-time passwords for My Kaspersky or Small Office Security Management Console

Latest update: February 10, 2023 ID: 14663


You don't receive single-use passwords within the specified period of time.


See possible causes and solutions in the table:

Cause Solution
A fault with the mobile phone. Fix the fault with the mobile phone and request a new one-time password.
The SMS with the password ended up in the spam folder or a folder for suspicious messages. Check these folders on the phone.
A malfunction with the mobile connection. Contact the technical support department of your mobile network provider or request a new one-time password a little later.
The mobile phone has been infected with a virus. Scan the mobile phone using an anti-virus app, for example, Kaspersky for Android, and fix the issue. Request a new one-time password.
One-time passwords cannot be sent to phones in your region. Check whether this feature is available by contacting Kaspersky Customer Service.

What to do if the solution did not help

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