Kaspersky Endpoint Agent

Kaspersky Endpoint Agent Help

November 17, 2023

ID 199051

Kaspersky Endpoint Agent is an application that is installed on individual devices within an organization's IT infrastructure. The application constantly monitors the processes running on these devices, as well as open network connections and files modifications. Kaspersky Endpoint Agent interacts with other Kaspersky solutions to detect comprehensive threats (such as targeted attacks).

The functionalities of Kaspersky Endpoint Agent depend on the software solution within which the application is used.

This Help provides instructions for managing and configuring Kaspersky Endpoint Agent without reference to a specific solution. Some of the functions described herein may not be available within the solution you use.

Complete information about Kaspersky Endpoint Agent for Windows as part of the software solution you use, as well as complete information about the solution itself, is provided in the Help for the corresponding solution:

  • Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform Help
  • Kaspersky Sandbox Help
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum Help
  • Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response Help

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