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About data provision (EU, UK, residents of the US state of California, Brazil)

August 24, 2023

ID 195478

View information about the data provided to Kaspersky while using previous versions of the app.

Data provided to Kaspersky using Kaspersky app 11.100.X.XXX and later

Kaspersky protects any information received in accordance with law and applicable Kaspersky rules. Data is transmitted over a secure channel.

We use personal and non-personal data.

Personal data

You can view the personal data provided under the End User License Agreement, Privacy Policy, Marketing Statement, or Kaspersky Security Network Statement in the corresponding legal document.

View a legal document

Non-personal data

We use the following non-personal data to maintain the core functionality of the Software:

  • flag indicating whether Facebook application is installed on the device;
  • Facebook SDK version;
  • authorization code received from the identity provider;
  • access token received from the identity provider;
  • type of data sent to the identity provider;
  • identity token received from the identity provider;
  • Rightholder ID in the identity provider's system;
  • name of the identity provider;
  • URI to which the identity provider's response is sent;
  • parameters requested from the identity provider;
  • ID of the Rightholder's resource;
  • token type;
  • operating system;
  • Software ID derived from the license;
  • full version of the Software;
  • value generated for request verification;
  • Software component ID;
  • Software ID;
  • protocol ID.

For core functionality, data can be installed and downloaded in Firebase service:

  • application package name;
  • device language code;
  • device model;
  • device time zone setting;
  • version of the operating system;
  • device language code obtained by executing JavaScript code in WebView;
  • possible unique matched link the server needs to check before performing fingerprint match;
  • Software ID in Firebase;
  • Firebase SDK version;
  • device screen height;
  • device screen width;
  • installation date and time for the Software.

Data is forwarded to Firebase over a secure channel. Information about how data is processed in Firebase is published at: https://www.firebase.com/terms/privacy-policy.html.

To provide the QR Scanner functionality, the following data will be provided and processed in Huawei service:

  • application package name;
  • country code;
  • device type;
  • device model;
  • object processing algorithm ID;
  • API name;
  • service ID;
  • version of the operating system;
  • information about the radio/network connection;
  • request ID;
  • firmware ID;
  • mobile carrier code;
  • format of the object being processed;
  • processed image histogram;
  • date and time when the request started;
  • color, margins, and background color of barcode to be generated;
  • height of the barcode that has been generated;
  • width of the barcode that has been generated;
  • height of the barcode to be generated;
  • width of the barcode to be generated;
  • number of processed objects;
  • maximum object processing duration;
  • minimum object processing duration;
  • length of the string used to generate a barcode;
  • version of the Software's component;
  • Software ID;
  • number of program errors;
  • result of the Software action;
  • total number of completed requests;
  • ID of the action performed by user within the Software;
  • total duration of request processing.

Data processing in Huawei service is carried out over a secure channel. Data processing takes place in accordance with the Huawei privacy policy and is available at: https://consumer.huawei.com/en/privacy/privacy-policy/.

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