How to view the details of your activation code

Latest update: February 04, 2022 ID: 13945
  1. Sign in to your My Kaspersky account. Sign up if you do not have a My Kaspersky account.
  2. Go to Subscriptions.
  3. Enter your activation code into the Add activation code field.

Adding an activation code to My Kaspersky account

  • If the activation code is added successfully, the page will display a new subscription.
  1. Click on the subscription that you have added.

Opening the subscription details on My Kaspersky

The page will display the subscription details in the following blocks:

  • Top block with the application name:
    • Subscription or license status.
    • Subscription or license expiration date.
    • Activation code.
    • Number of devices that can be covered by the subscription.
  • My devices. Information about connected devices.
  • Apps. Applications that can be used under your subscription or license.
  • Users. Information about the users with whom you have shared the license.
  • Additional info:
    • Subscription or license activation date and expiration date.
    • Days until the subscription or license expires.
    • License key.

Subscription or license information displayed on My Kaspersky

To view the details about the subscription or license, click the expand icon on the block:

Information about connected devices in My Kaspersky

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