I forgot my password. What should I do?


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I forgot my password. What should I do?

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Latest update: May 31, 2018 ID: 11101


If you forgot your password, use the guide below to reset it:

Step 1. Download the password reset tool

  1. Download the password reset tool.
  2. The downloaded file will appear in the lower part of the browser window. Click the arrow near the file name and select Show in folder.

  1. The folder with the downloaded archive will open.

Step 2. Extract the files

  1. Right-click the archive and select Extract all.

  1. In the window that opens click Extract.

  1. The window with the KLAPR.bat file will open. Restart your PC in the Safe Mode and run this file.

Step 3. Boot the computer in Safe Mode

Guide for Windows 7/8/8.1:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. During restart, press F8 on the keyboard repeatedly.
  3. Boot options menu will appear.
  4. Select Safe Mode and press Enter.
Image: boot options menu

Guide for Windows 10:

  1. Click Start and then select Settings.
Image: Start menu

  1. On the Settings screen, select Update & security.
Image: Windows settings window

  1. Click Recovery, go to the Advanced startup and click the Restart now button.
Image: Update and security settings

  1. On the Choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot.
Image: troubleshooting

  1. On the Troubleshoot screen, select Advanced options.
Image: advanced Troubleshooting options

  1. Select Startup Settings.
Image: advanced Troubleshooting options

  1. On the Startup Settings screen, click Restart.
Image: Windows 10 startup settings

  1. Wait until boot options appear on the screen and press F4 to boot in Safe Mode.
Image: Windows 10 startup settings

Step 4. Use the tool to reset your password

  1. After your PC boots in Safe Mode, open the KLAPR folder and run the KLAPR.bat file. 
Image: Kaspersky password reset tool

  1. When the black screen appears, press any key on the keyboard.
Image: password reset tool window

  1. You will see the "The operation completed successfully" notification.
Image: password reset tool window

  1. Press any key to close the tool’s window.
  2. Your password has been reset. Restart your computer.

If the solution did not help

If the Kaspersky Lab application still requests a password: 

  1. Create a restore point. Click on your operating system to open the guide: 
  1. After creating a restore point, run the removal tool: 
    • Download the tool using the link in the article and read the guide on how to use the tool.
    • If you downloaded the tools in a ZIP archive, extract the files. Double-click the file to run it. 
    • Remove the applications detected by the tool. If you installed the 2015 version earlier, manually select Kaspersky Anti-Virus \ Internet Security \ Kaspersky Total Security in the drop-down list (as shown on the image below). Other product versions are detected automatically. Type the characters from the image and click Remove. Wait until the removal is completed and restart your PC.
3. Install the application once again.

If reinstalling the application did not help, contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support by submitting a request via My Kaspersky. Find more about using My Kaspersky.

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