Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

About the key

December 22, 2022

ID 124700

A key is a unique alphanumeric sequence. A key makes it possible to use the application on the terms indicated in the License Certificate (type of license, license validity period, license restrictions).

A license certificate is not provided for a key installed under subscription.

A key can be added to the application using an activation code or a key file.

You can add, edit, or delete keys. The key can be blocked by Kaspersky if the terms of the End User License Agreement are violated. If the key has been black-listed, you have to add a different key to continue using the application.

If a key for an expired license has been deleted, application functionality is not available. You cannot add such a key again after it has been deleted.

There are two types of keys: active and additional.

An active key is a key that is currently used by the application. A trial or commercial license key can be added as the active key. The application cannot have more than one active key.

An additional key is a key that entitles the user to use the application, but is not currently in use. At the expiry of the active key, an additional key automatically becomes active. An additional key can be added only if the active key is available.

A key for a trial license can be added only as an active key. It cannot be added as the additional key. A trial license key cannot replace the active key to a commercial license.

If a key gets blacklisted, the application functionality defined by the license under which the application has been activated remains available for eight days. Kaspersky Security Network and database and application module updates are available with no restrictions. The application notifies that user that the key has been blacklisted. After eight days, application functionality becomes limited to the functionality level that is available after the license term expires: the application operates without updates and Kaspersky Security Network is not available.

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