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April 14, 2024

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Kaspersky Security Center 14.2 not only works with on-premises devices, but also provides special features for working in a cloud environment. Kaspersky Security Center works with the following virtual machines:

  • Amazon EC2 instances (hereinafter, also referred to as instances). An Amazon EC2 instance is a virtual machine that is created on the basis of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Kaspersky Security Center uses AWS API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Microsoft Azure virtual machines. Kaspersky Security Center uses Azure API.
  • Google Cloud virtual machines instances. Kaspersky Security Center uses Google API.

You can deploy Kaspersky Security Center on an instance or a virtual machine to manage protection of devices in a cloud environment and to use special features of Kaspersky Security Center for work in a cloud environment. These features include:

  • Using API tools to poll devices in a cloud environment
  • Using API tools to install Network Agent and security applications on devices in a cloud environment
  • Searching devices based on whether they belong to a specific cloud segment

You can also use an instance or a virtual machine on which a Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server is deployed to protect on-premises devices (for example, if a cloud server turns out to be easier for you to service and maintain than a physical one). If this is the case, you work with the Administration Server in the same way that you would if the Administration Server were installed on an on-premises device.

In a Kaspersky Security Center that has been deployed from a paid Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (in AWS) or a usage-based monthly billed SKU (in Azure), Vulnerability and patch management (including integration with SIEM systems) is automatically activated; Mobile Device Management cannot be activated.

The Administration Server is installed together with Administration Console. Kaspersky Security for Windows Server is also automatically installed on the device on which the Administration Server is installed.

You can configure Kaspersky Security Center with the Configure cloud environment wizard, taking into account the specifics of working in a cloud environment.

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