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Creating licensed applications groups

April 14, 2024

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To create a licensed applications group:

  1. In the AdvancedApplication management folder in the console tree, select the Third-party licenses usage subfolder.
  2. Click the Add a licensed applications group button to run Licensed application group addition wizard.

    Licensed application group addition wizard starts.

  3. On the Details of licensed applications group step, specify which applications you want to include into the applications group:
    • Name of licensed applications group
    • Track violated restrictions
    • Criteria for adding detected applications to this licensed applications group
  4. On the Enter data about existing license keys step, specify the license keys that you want to track. Select the Control if license limit is exceeded option, and then add the license keys:
    1. Click the Add button.
    2. Select the license key that you want to add, and then click the OK button. If the required license key is not listed, click the Add button, and then specify the license key properties.
  5. On the Add licensed applications group step, click the Finish button.

A licensed applications group is created and displayed in the Third-party licenses usage folder.

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