Kaspersky Security Center

Automatic installation of applications on devices in an administration group

April 14, 2024

ID 4626

You can specify which installation packages must be used for automatic remote installation of Kaspersky applications to client devices that have recently been added to a group.

To configure automatic installation of applications on new devices in an administration group:

  1. In the console tree, select the required administration group.
  2. Open the properties window of this administration group.
  3. In the Sections pane, select Automatic installation, and in the workspace select the installation packages of the applications to be installed on new devices.
  4. Click OK.

Group tasks are created. These tasks are run on the client devices immediately after they are added to the administration group.

If some installation packages of one application are selected for automatic installation, the installation task is created for the most recent application version only.

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