Improving the quality and usability

April 4, 2023

ID 171279

When using Management Console, a user provides the following data in a form that does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual:

type of command sent in the Anti-Theft component management console for securing lost mobile devices; application ID; application version; country telephone code; device type; license parameters (activation date, expiration date, product, number of devices and users, license type); account locale (country and language); product ID; product version; service ID; time zone of the user; page addresses on the website through which the user navigates; ID of the functional component on the website; browser (type, version); downloaded application ID; version of the mobile NET protocol; mobile operator; operating system; browser support for cookie files, JS files, audio and video files; device manufacturer; screen resolution; screen width and height.

This anonymized data is processed by Kaspersky to improve the quality and usability of Management Console and services provided.

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