Adding a script

April 9, 2024

ID 243208

You only add a script to the CPE template. When you add a script, it is added to all devices that use the template. Before adding a script, you must configure a VNFM connection to the CPE device console.

To add a script:

  1. In the menu, go to the SD-WAN → CPE templates subsection.

    A table of CPE templates is displayed.

  2. Click the CPE template.

    The settings area is displayed in the lower part of the page. You can expand the settings area to fill the entire page by clicking the expand button .

  3. Select the Scripts tab.

    The tab displays settings for connecting the VNFM to the CPE device console, as well as a table of scripts, if at least one script is added.

  4. Click + Script.
  5. This opens a window; in that window, in the Name field, enter the name of the script. Maximum length: 255 characters.
  6. In the Timeout (sec.) field, enter the time in seconds after which the VNFM stops attempting to run a script that could not run the first time. The default setting is 360.
  7. In the Executor drop-down list, select one of the following values:
    • Ansible (selected by default)
    • Shell
    • Expect
    • Custom to use your own interpreter in the VNFM
  8. If in the Executor drop-down list, you selected Custom, in the Custom executor field, enter the path to the interpreter.
  9. In the Stage drop-down list, select the stage in the operation of the CPE device at which you want to run the script:
    • Registration (selected by default)
    • Deletion
    • Manually to run the script only manually
  10. If you want to allow running the script again, select the Repeat execution check box. This check box is cleared by default.
  11. In the Script field, enter the path to the script file or to the Ansible playbook script file.
  12. If necessary, in the File field, enter the path to additional files that the script needs to run. Supported formats of archives with files: TAR.GZ and ZIP.
  13. Click Save.

The script is added to the CPE template and displayed in the table.

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