April 9, 2024

ID 247435

Kaspersky SD-WAN supports updating firmware on CPE devices. Before installing a new version of firmware, it must be uploaded to the orchestrator web interface.

Firmware is distributed as archives in the TAR.GZ format. Each such archive contains the firmware itself, as well as a metadata file in the YML format. Settings specified in the metadata file are imported into the orchestrator web interface when the firmware archive is uploaded.

If the firmware on the CPE device is out of date compared to one of the added firmwares, the name of that version is highlighted in orange in the SW version column of the table in the CPE subsection. To search for devices with an outdated firmware version, you can also use the Need update filter.

When updating the firmware, you create a corresponding delayed task in the task scheduler. In the settings of the task, you can choose when to run it; you can also enable resetting the configuration of affected devices: in that case, when the new firmware version is installed, each device is reset to factory settings.

You can also configure forced installation of the firmware. In that case, the firmware is installed even if an internal check on the CPE device shows that the current firmware is incompatible with the new one. If the firmware is used in one of the delayed tasks that you created, the firmware cannot be deleted.

The CPE device restarts during the firmware update process.

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