Selecting a VNF flavour

April 9, 2024

ID 260679

Flavours are specified in the VNF package and define the characteristics and specifications of a VNF instance. Each flavour is a predefined set of assigned resources such as CPU, memory, and bandwidth. These resources determine the capabilities of the VNF instance and affect its performance.

To select a VNF flavour:

  1. In the menu, go to the Catalog section.

    The network service management page is displayed.

  2. In the Network services panel, select a network service.

    The graphical design tool with the network service topology is displayed.

  3. Click the VNF.

    The settings area is displayed in the lower part of the page. You can expand the settings area to fill the entire page by clicking the expand button .

    By default, the Flavours tab is selected, which displays the flavours of virtual machines for the network function. Flavours are described in the VNF package.

  4. Click Scale to next to the flavour.

The VNF scales to the selected flavour.

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