Adding a key

To add a Kaspersky Sandbox license key using Kaspersky Security Center Web Console:

  1. In the main window of Web Console, select the DevicesTasks folder.
  2. Click Add.

    The task creation wizard starts.

  3. In the Application drop-down list, select KSB.
  4. In the Task type drop-down list, select Add key.
  5. In the Task name field, enter the name of the task.
  6. Under Selecting the devices to which the task will be assigned, select the scope of the task.

    Select computers to which you want to assign the task. The following methods are available:

    • Assign task to an administration group. In this case, the task is assigned to devices that belong to a previously created administration group.
    • Select computers detected on the network by the Administration Server, that is, unassigned devices. The set of devices can include devices in administration groups as well as unassigned devices.
    • Enter the addresses of the devices manually or import them from a list. You can specify NetBIOS names, IP addresses, and ranges of IP addresses of devices to which you want to assign the task.

    Click Next.

  7. Select the license that you want to use to activate the application.

    Click Next.

  8. Select an account for running the task.

    You can select the default account or create an account:

    • If you select the default account, the task is run under the same account that was used to install and run the application that runs the task.
    • If you choose to create an account, enter the credentials of the account to use for running the task. The account must have sufficient permissions to run the task.
  9. If you want to view task properties immediately after creating the task, select the Open task properties window after task creation check box.
  10. Click Done.

The Kaspersky Sandbox license key is added. Kaspersky Sandbox is activated.

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