About the activation code

An activation code is a unique sequence of twenty Latin letters and numerical characters. You can enter an activation code to add a license key that activates Kaspersky Sandbox. After purchasing Kaspersky Sandbox or ordering the trial version of Kaspersky Sandbox, you receive an activation code at the email address you specified.

To activate the application with an activation code, Internet access is required to connect to Kaspersky activation servers. If Internet access is restricted or unavailable for Kaspersky Sandbox servers, you can activate Kaspersky Sandbox using an activation code by setting up Kaspersky Security Center as a proxy server for activating the application.

If the application was activated using an activation code, after activation, Kaspersky Sandbox queries Kaspersky activation servers once per day to verify the current status of the license. The application must have Internet access to query Kaspersky servers. If necessary, you can force update the information of the current license.

If the activation code was lost after activation of the application, contact a Kaspersky partner company from which you purchased a license.

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