About the subscription

When you subscribe to Kaspersky Sandbox, you place an order for the right to use the application with selected parameters (subscription expiration date, the number of protected devices). You can register the subscription to Kaspersky Sandbox at your service provider (for example, an ISP). You can renew the subscription manually or automatically, or alternatively you can cancel it. You can manage the subscription on the website of your service provider.

The subscription can be limited (for example, valid for a year) or unlimited (without an expiration date). To continue using Kaspersky Sandbox after the expiration of a limited subscription, you must renew it. An unlimited subscription is renewed automatically if pre-payment is paid to your service provider in a timely fashion.

In the case of a limited subscription, a grace period can be provided for renewal, during which the functionality of the application is maintained. The service provider decides whether a grace period is offered and stipulates its duration.

To subscribe to Kaspersky Sandbox, you must apply an activation code provided by the service provider. When you apply an activation code, an active key is added, which determines the license to be used for the subscription application. You cannot add a backup key when using a subscription.

Activation codes purchased as part of subscription cannot be used to activate older versions of Kaspersky Sandbox.

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