Getting started with Kaspersky Scan Engine in ICAP mode

This section explains how to start using Kaspersky Scan Engine in ICAP mode.

Before you start using Kaspersky Scan Engine, we strongly recommend that you restrict access to Kaspersky Scan Engine files, including logs, with built-in tools provided by your operating system. This step will help make your information more secure.

To start using Kaspersky Scan Engine in ICAP mode:

  1. Install Kaspersky Scan Engine.

    Kaspersky Scan Engine starts automatically after installation is complete.

  2. Optionally, configure Kaspersky Scan Engine for use in ICAP mode.
  3. If you configure ICAP mode manually (without using the installer), and you are using offline licensing mode, you have to put the license file in the directory that is specified in the LicensePath element of the configuration file. If you are using online licensing mode, you have to specify the activation code. For more information about online and offline licensing modes, see sections "Activating Kaspersky Scan Engine in offline licensing mode", "Activating Kaspersky Scan Engine in online licensing mode".
  4. Optionally, configure service rules.
  5. Optionally, configure logging.

    Notice that logging decreases performance of Kaspersky Scan Engine. Usually you need to enable logging only during the integration or for debugging.

  6. Optionally, configure environment variables.
  7. Update the anti-virus database or configure the update frequency.
  8. Verify the detection capabilities of Kaspersky Scan Engine.
  9. Run Kaspersky Scan Engine in ICAP mode.
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