About EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File

Because it is unacceptable to use real malware for test purposes, there is a need for a file that contains no malicious code and can be safely passed around—but that must be detected by anti-virus software as a malicious object or, more specifically, as a test file.

The European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research (EICAR) distributes such a file for testing anti-virus functionality. It is known as the "EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File" and can be downloaded from the EICAR official web site.

To download the test file or to read more about it, follow this link: http://2016.eicar.org/85-0-Download.html.

If your computer already has anti-virus software, disable it before you download the test file.

The EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File contains the ASCII string which, when interpreted by command processor, returns the message string to the standard output and exits back to the command prompt.

Kaspersky Scan Engine will detect this test file, label it as infected and perform the action specified in the scan settings.

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