Using the encrypting utility

The kav_encrypt utility allows you to encrypt the user names and passwords stored in kavhttpd.xml, kavicapd.xml, and klScanEngineUI.xml.

The utility is run from the command line as follows:

./kav_encrypt [-m <httpd | icap> -p <user_name:password>] | [-d <user_name:password>] | [-h]

The table below describes the kav_encrypt options.

The kav_encrypt options



-m <httpd | icap>

--mode <httpd | icap>

Specifies the working mode of Kaspersky Scan Engine.

Possible values:

  • httpd

    HTTP mode

  • icap

    ICAP mode

    For Linux systems only.

-p <user_name:password>

--proxy <user_name:password>

Specifies the user name and password of the proxy server that Kaspersky Scan Engine uses to gain access to the Internet.

This option must be used together with the -m option.

-d <user_name:password>

--database <user_name:password>

Specifies the user name and password of the user that owns the kavebase database.



Prints the Help information about the kav_encrypt utility to the command line.

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