Error during an encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky application

Latest update: September 14, 2021 ID: 13720


A Kaspersky application fails to decrypt the encrypted traffic on a website or in an application (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Error during an encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky application

Possible causes

  • Issues of processing certain website structure
  • Another filtering application (e.g. VPN) running on your computer
  • Kaspersky application errors 
  • Other reasons 


Сhoose one of the following options:

  • Ignore. The website will open, but your Kaspersky application will block the element of the website that causes the problem. Therefore, the website may be displayed incorrectly or fail to open.
    This is a one-time action, so next time you open this website, the notification will appear again.  
  • Ignore and remember. The website will be displayed without the bits that could not be scanned every time you open it. The notification will not be shown again. Use this option if the the website is displayed correctly despite blocked items. 
  • Add to exclusions. Once added to exclusions, the website will not be scanned and will open in full with no warnings. In case the error occurs in the application, copy the link shown in the error message and add it to exclusions. For instructions on adding links to exclusions, see this article

Only add websites to exclusions if you are sure they are safe and you visit them frequently. If you are not sure about the website's safety, scan the link with OpenTip before adding it to the exclusions.

If you added the website to exclusions, make sure you have the Kaspersky Protection extension installed in your browser. Otherwise the following Kaspersky features will not work on the excluded website: Web Anti-Virus, Anti-Banner, Safe Money, Private Browsing, URL Advisor, and Parental Control. 

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