Hardening Guide

Kaspersky Security Center is designed for centralized execution of basic administration and maintenance tasks on an organization's network. The application provides the administrator access to detailed information about the organization's network security level. Kaspersky Security Center allows you to configure all components of protection built by using Kaspersky applications.

Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server has full access to protection management of client devices and is the most important component of the organization's security system. Therefore, increased protection methods are required for Administration Server.

The Hardening Guide describes recommendations and features of configuring Kaspersky Security Center and its components, aimed to reduce the risks of its compromise.

The Hardening Guide contains the following information:

In this section

Administration Server deployment

Connection safety

Accounts and authentication

Managing protection of Administration Server

Managing protection of client devices

Configuring protection for managed applications

Administration Server maintenance

Event transfer to third-party systems

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