Initial deployment

If a Network Agent has already been installed on a device, remote installation of applications on that device is performed through this Network Agent. The distribution package of an application to be installed is transferred over communication channels between Network Agents and Administration Server, along with the installation settings defined by the administrator. To transfer the distribution package, you can use relay distribution nodes, that is, distribution points, multicast delivery, etc. For more details on how to install applications on managed devices with Network Agent already installed, see below in this section.

You can perform initial installation of Network Agent on devices running Windows, using one of the following methods:

On managed devices running platforms other than Microsoft Windows, you can perform remote installation of Network Agent. Before remote installation of Network Agent on a device running Linux or a device running macOS, you have to prepare the device. You can also install Network Agent on a Linux device in the silent mode by using an answer file. You can upgrade Network Agent to a new version or install other Kaspersky applications on non-Windows platforms, using Network Agents (already installed on devices) to perform remote installation tasks. In this case, installation is identical to that on devices running Microsoft Windows.

When selecting a method and a strategy for deployment of applications on a managed network, you must consider a number of factors (partial list):

In this section

Configuring installers

Installation packages

MSI properties and transform files

Deployment with third-party tools for remote installation of applications

About remote installation tasks in Kaspersky Security Center

Deployment by capturing and copying the image of a device

Incorrect copying of a hard drive image

Deployment using group policies of Microsoft Windows

Forced deployment through the remote installation task of Kaspersky Security Center

Running stand-alone packages created by Kaspersky Security Center

Options for manual installation of applications

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