Kaspersky application blocks my website or application. What should I do?

Latest update: August 31, 2023 ID: 15332

If a Kaspersky application does not allow opening your website or application, do the following:

  1. In case your website is blocked, make sure the website was not hacked and does not contain malicious code or phishing links.
    In case your application is blocked, move on to the next step.
  2. Check the website or the application file using Opentip. For instructions, see this article.
  3. If the website or the file was identified as safe, report a false detection to Kaspersky Customer Service by choosing the topic and filling out the form. In your request, provide the following information:
    • Request type: Malware
    • Request topic: False positive
    • The file or the link to your website that is detected as a false positive
    • The version of your operating system
    • Name and version of your Kaspersky application
    • The databases update date in the Kaspersky application
    Please attach a screenshot of the error message to your request. If you are not sure how to take a screenshot, see this article.
If you don't have a Kaspersky application installed or you are using Kaspersky Free, ask your question in Forum.
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