Adding a configuration profile

To create a configuration profile, you can use Apple Configurator 2, which is available at the Apple Inc. website. Apple Configurator 2 works only on devices running macOS; if you do not have such devices at your disposal, you can use iPhone Configuration Utility on the device with Administration Console instead. However, Apple Inc. does not support iPhone Configuration Utility any longer.

To create a configuration profile using iPhone Configuration Utility and to add it to an iOS MDM Server:

  1. In the console tree, select the Mobile Device Management folder.
  2. In the workspace of the Mobile Device Management folder, select the Mobile Device Servers subfolder.
  3. In the workspace of the Mobile Device Servers folder, select an iOS MDM Server.
  4. In the context menu of the iOS MDM Server, select Properties.

    The Mobile Device Server properties window opens.

  5. In the properties window of the iOS MDM Server, select the Configuration profiles section.
  6. In the Configuration profiles section, click the Create button.

    The New configuration profile window opens.

  7. In the New configuration profile window, specify a name and ID for the profile.

    The configuration profile ID should be unique; the value should be specified in Reverse-DNS format, for example, com.companyname.identifier.

  8. Click OK.

    iPhone Configuration Utility then starts if you have it installed.

  9. Reconfigure the profile in iPhone Configuration Utility.

    For a description of the profile settings and instructions on how to configure the profile, please refer to the documentation enclosed with iPhone Configuration Utility.

After you configure the profile with iPhone Configuration Utility, the new configuration profile is displayed in the Configuration profiles section in the properties window of the iOS MDM Server.

You can click the Modify button to modify the configuration profile.

You can click the Import button to load the configuration profile to a program.

You can click the Export button to save the configuration profile to a file.

The profile that you have created must be installed on iOS MDM devices.

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