Using Google Firebase Cloud Messaging

To ensure timely delivery of commands to KES devices managed by the Android operating system, Kaspersky Security Center uses the mechanism of push notifications. Push notifications are exchanged between KES devices and Administration Server through Google Firebase Cloud Messaging. In Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console, you can specify the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging settings to connect KES devices to the service.

To retrieve the settings of Google Firebase Cloud Messaging, you must have a Google account.

To configure Google Firebase Cloud Messaging:

  1. In the Mobile Device Management folder in the console tree, select the Mobile devices subfolder.
  2. In the context menu of the Mobile devices folder, select Properties.

    This opens the properties window of the Mobile devices folder.

  3. Select the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging settings section.
  4. In the Sender ID field, specify the number of a Google API project that you have received when creating one in the Google Developer Console.
  5. In the Server key field, enter a common server key that you have created in the Google Developer Console.

At the next synchronization with Administration Server, KES devices managed by Android operating systems will be connected to Google Firebase Cloud Messaging.

You can edit the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging settings by clicking the Reset settings button.

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