About data provision

This section provides information about data that you agree to submit by accepting the terms of the End User License Agreement.

General information:

Information submitted to improve application performance:

Information submitted for timely detection and resolution of errors during installation, removal, or update of the application:

Information required for detecting new information security threats and their sources and for increasing the level of information security:

Information sent to generate reports on My Kaspersky portal:

To prevent confidential data from falling into the wrong hands and to rule out the possibility of the application being used as a tracking tool, make sure that Kaspersky Safe Kids is linked to the correct My Kaspersky user account.

Kaspersky Lab protects any information received in this way as prescribed by law and applicable rules of Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab uses any received information in anonymized form and as general statistics only. Aggregate statistics are automatically generated from the source information that is received, and do not contain any personal data or other confidential information. The original information received is destroyed as new information is accumulated (once a year). Aggregate statistics are stored indefinitely.

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