Kaspersky Security 9.x for SharePoint Server

About Kaspersky Security 9.0 for SharePoint Server

July 19, 2024

ID 88625

Kaspersky Security 9.0 for SharePoint Server Maintenance Release 3 (hereinafter referred to as "Kaspersky Security", "the application") is designed to protect the SharePoint platform against viruses and other malware. The application lets you scan the content of websites and wiki blogs for unwanted content, protect personal data of users, and confidential corporate data on SharePoint websites against data leaks.

Kaspersky Security features:

  • Scan files for malware and unwanted content in real time
  • Block files containing malicious objects or unwanted content when they are accessed by users (for example, when copying the file from a SharePoint server to a computer)
  • Monitor the content of blogs and wiki pages on SharePoint
  • Form custom criteria of unwanted content
  • Scan web addresses against lists of malicious or phishing links
  • Receive anti-virus database updates from Kaspersky Lab servers during the license validity period
  • Use file and link reputation data from Kaspersky Security Network services
  • Run an on-demand scan of files on SharePoint
  • select areas of the SharePoint structure to scan on demand, and exclude certain areas from the scan to reduce the load on the server;
  • Configure the schedule and run mode of SharePoint file scan tasks
  • Scan modified files only
  • Move copies of infected objects to Backup before disinfecting or deleting them
  • Automatically or manually generate application reports and send them to email addresses
  • Define the settings for maintaining the application event logs
  • Automatically send infected file notifications to email addresses
  • Use the role-based access control system for accessing various application functions
  • Create data categories to protect information that is valuable to the company;
  • Scan file content for data of specific categories at the time when users upload files to SharePoint sites.

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