Performing initial configuration of App Lock

September 28, 2023

ID 144307

To use App Lock, you must first configure App Lock and set the app's secret code if you haven't already done so.

The App Lock setup wizard can only be started once. You can configure App Lock later in the app settings.

To perform the initial configuration of App Lock:

  1. On the Kaspersky app bottom tab bar, tap All Features.
  2. Tap App Lock.

    This starts the App Lock setup wizard.

  3. View the description of the feature and tap Next.
  4. Turn on accessibility for Kaspersky app. The app needs accessibility to lock apps.

    To turn on accessibility:

    1. On the screen with accessibility info, tap Next.

      A list with apps installed on your device opens.

    2. Select Kaspersky app in the list.
    3. Set the Kaspersky app switch to ON.
    4. Confirm the operation by tapping OK.
    5. Return to Kaspersky app.
  5. In the App Lock window, set the switches to ON for apps you would like to protect.
  6. Set a screen lock if you haven’t already done so during the initial configuration of Where is My Device.

App Lock is configured. A list of apps protected with the secret code is shown.

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